Surgery is not the only way to have shapely breasts. Exercise is also a great way to fight sagging breasts. There are some beauty tricks, such as using special adhesives, to quickly change the shape so that you can have a well-shaped breast in the shortest possible time. In the following, we present many solutions to have well-shaped breasts, some of which are quick and temporary, while others require patience and consistency. Stay with us.

Immediate solutions

1. Makeup tricks

You can have a shapely breasts with cosmetic tricks without paying much money. By using highlighter and bronzer, you can make your body look taller and fuller. For a more natural look, use some shiny highlighter. The highlighter makes the breasts look fuller and firmer.

To create more prominence, in addition to applying highlighter on the prominent parts, you can paint a round shape and breast shape on the body with a bit of shade or make the hollow legs of the body appear more hollow. This shade should be one or two degrees darker than the natural skin color.

2. Bra tricks

One of the best immediate solutions to have a well-shaped chest is to use the right bra according to your clothes. In the following, we have explained three valuable solutions.

Making a bra model behind the championship

You can turn regular bras into championship bras with a clip. Just connect the two back straps of the bra with a pin. It will make the breasts look higher and not droopy.

Tying two bras together

One of the old ways to have a well-shaped breast and enlarge the breast is to use two bras. It doesn’t seem very pleasant, but you quickly get used to it. For this, you must have two bra sizes, one your size and one a bigger.

 Filling the bra with fabric

Another method is to fill the bra cup with fabric. You can put small clothes inside the bra and on the bottom and sides of the chest so that the breasts are more prominent and close together. Use suitable fabric or socks according to the size you want. Never use paper towels because, over time, it falls asleep, and their volume decreases.

3. Smart choice of clothes

Another easy way is to wear the right clothes. V-neck shirts and dresses or dresses with sweetheart necklines make the breasts look fuller. You can use this and other methods to have the most effect.

Aids to have a shapely breasts.

1. Special adhesive tape

There are special tapes for raising and lifting the chest, which is suitable for clothes that you cannot wear a bra under. Some of these tapes are stronger, but they cause damage to the skin. If you are allergic to solid adhesive tapes, use sports models.

2. Silicone sponges

If you don’t like to put fabric or socks inside your underwear and want your clothes to look more natural, use silicone sponges or special pads filled with water and gain volume. To make the breasts look more prominent, place these sponges under the breasts.

3. Correctly sized bra

At least 80% of women choose the wrong bra size. A bra that has an accurate size keeps the chest firm and well-shaped. If you need to know your exact size, in some stores that are branches of underwear brands, a size guide is provided, and even people take your size with a sewing meter and find the right size for you.

The shape and model of the bra are also essential and affect the condition of the breast. Please choose the suitable model with the seller’s guidance or select a model that you have already tried and are sure of its good shape.

4. Push-up bras

Bras called push-up bras are available in the market, which are suitable for all breast shapes and is one of the clothes every woman should wear in her wardrobe. With these bras, the breasts look more shapely and fuller and are suitable for wearing under-dress shirts.

Long-term solutions

Some solutions have little results, and you have to do something continuously for a long time to see the results. But their effects are usually longer.

1. Massaging the breasts

Based on people’s experiences, breast massage can increase blood flow and stimulate collagen production. The production of collagen causes the muscles to tighten and increase the growth of tissues, and makes the breast a little bigger and shapelier.

Follow these steps for breast massage:

  • Start massaging with the opposite hand, the right hand for the left breast, and vice versa.
  • Gently squeeze the chest and release.
  • Move your hand gradually from the bottom to the top of the chest.
  • Continue the massage around the breast’s outside, bottom, and inside.

2. Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is another way to increase blood circulation in the chest. According to evidence, hydrotherapy improves blood flow and stimulates the nerves, and, to some extent, firming of the breast.

You should do these steps at least once a day:

  • After showering, turn off the water.
  • Wash the breast with warm water for 1 minute.
  • Open the cold water and rewash the breast with cool water for 20 seconds.

3. Local exercises

Exercises that strengthen the upper body strengthen the chest muscles and improve body shape, making the chest look fuller.

Exercises such as Swedish swimming, plank, chest press, and chest fly strengthen the upper body. If you want to increase the impact of the practices, use 2-4 kg dumbbells.

4. Practicing correct body posture

If the posture is correct and fundamental, it keeps the body straight and shows the breasts more prominently. If you slouch, remember these tips to correct your posture:

  • When sitting, place your feet on the floor or the footstool.
  • Avoid sitting or standing in one position for long periods.
  • Stand up straight, pull your shoulders back and bend your knees slightly.

5. healthy diet

According to research, a nutrient-rich diet helps you have healthy breast tissue, and healthy breast tissue keeps your breasts firm and shapely.

To strengthen the chest muscles, include these ingredients in your diet:

  • Nuts, fish, soybeans, and pumpkin seeds increase omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Avocado and eggs increase unsaturated fats to promote breast tissue growth.
  • To maintain healthy tissue, foods high in antioxidants, such as broccoli, cabbage, watermelon, and whole grains.

6. Maintain a healthy weight

A narrower waist makes the chest appear more prominent as the ratio of chest circumference to waist circumference increases. Use a diet full of fruits and vegetables and exercise at least 30 minutes a day and four days a week to maintain a healthy weight.


You don’t need to go under the knife to shape your breasts. Many quick tricks can have a similar effect in the short term. Some of these tricks, such as breast lifts with special tapes, are uncomfortable, so you should not do them daily. If you are looking for a method that has a more lasting effect, you should consider changing your diet, regular exercise, and, if necessary, surgery.

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