On the eve of the New Year, people in many countries like to stay in a place where it will snow and revive the Christmas mood for them. Everyone can imagine the coldest weather according to their life experience. But some numbers are beyond our imagination and experiences; The idea of a temperature of -90 degrees. Celsius is incomprehensible to most people, but the exciting thing is that there are places on Earth that have such a temperature.
NASA satellites have found the coldest place on Earth: a high ridge on the East Antarctic Plateau. NASA says the temperature on this ridge can drop to minus 92 degrees during winter nights. Even gasoline freezes in that cold.
NASA first announced in 2013 that it had found the coldest spot on Earth, and since then, this plateau has held the record for the most problematic area in the world every year.
NASA says that after analyzing 32 years of data from multiple satellites, the National Snow and Ice Data Center concluded that the craters on this plateau are the coldest places on Earth.
The coldness of these holes is due to the excessive stillness of the air inside them, and over time, their heat will decrease again; Because they emit their internal temperature to the outside environment. The lowest temperature detected by satellites was -93.2 degrees Celsius on August 10, 2010.
According to experts, however, this plateau is not the coldest inhabited place in the world because the coldest human-inhabited region is in northeastern Siberia, where the temperature in Verkhoyansk, Russia, in 1892 and the village of Oymyakon in 1933 dropped to minus 67.8 degrees Celsius.

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